What is microblading?

Microblading is a revolutionary way to enhance your brows. It is done with a hand tool and a microblade is attached to the end of the tool. It is then dipped into ink and etched onto your skin in the shape of an eyebrow hair. 

Is Microblading permanent?

Microblading is considered semi-permanent. It can last 6-18 months. This time frame varies based on the client’s skin type and how they care for their brows after the procedure.

Is Microblading for me?

Anyone who has the desire to fill-in their brows would benefit from Microblading. Someone who might be looking for a different brow shape, color or size would also be a good candidate. Microblading adds extra hair strokes in addition to your existing hairs so if you are missing any part of your brow, Microblading can help give you a more complete look.

Does Microblading hurt?

Most clients, including myself, would say that the discomfort is minimal and more of an annoyance than pain. During the procedure, your skin will be anesthetized with a topical lidocaine cream. During the process, it is common for clients to fall asleep. 

Do you shave the brows before Microblading?

Absolutely not! Microblading simply adds on to the already existing hairs in your natural eyebrows.

How long does Microblading take?

Appointments are booked for 3 hours. During the first hour we map out your face, creating the prefect brow shape and size for you. We will then agree on a color and I will begin the Microblading process.

Can I get Microblading while pregnant?

Babies are more important than brows and the answer is no. Microblading is not recommended for anyone pregnant. Feel free to book your appointment now for after your bundle of joy arrives.

Yes, Mircoblading only adds hair, it does not keep away the unwanted hairs. At your appointment I will groom your brows to match the new shape I have created but keeping them maintained will be up to you. You will likely be able to tweeze the unwanted hairs yourself since your brow shape will now be more defined. 


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